Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Is This Man Khloe's Real Father? Resemblance is striking!!

 It's not Todd Waterman or O.J. Simpson, but Alex Rodan, Kris Jenner's hair dresser who is rumoured to be Khloe's real father and the resemblance is rather striking.

Could this be Khloe's real dad? Hair Stylist Alex Rodan

In case you missed it, or didn't care (courtesy of blindgossip):

Two of Robert Kardashian’s ex-wives have come forward saying he confided him them that he was unsure of the paternity of the now-27-year-old.

Jan Ashley, who married the businessman after Khloe’s mother Kris Jenner, said: ‘Khloe is not his kid — he told me that after we got married.’

And Ellen Pierson, 63, who married Robert in 2003 just two months before his death, has also come forward after eight years of silence to ‘tell the truth’ about the Kardashian family.

In an explosive interview with Star magazine, Ashley said: ‘He just kind of looked at me and said [it] like it was a matter of fact. He said “Well, you know that Khloe’s not really a Kardashian, don’t you?”

‘And I said… “OK” and that was it.’

Khloe has responded to the claims on Twitter.

She wrote: ‘The audacity you have to mention my father’s name like this! Should be ashamed of urself! I let a lot of things slide but this one is really low… YOU ARE DISGUSTING! (yes you know who YOU are).’

Kris, 56, recently admitted in her new book that she cheated on Robert during their marriage and Jan and Ellen [and] her husband also knew.

Well ...
Meet Alex Roldan, Kris Jenner’s hairdresser. This may be Khloe Kardashian’s biological father. He worked on a music video that Kris Kardashian did for her 30th birthday called “I Love My Friends”. Alex is now a hairdresser in West Hollywood. While Robert Kardashian was only 5’7″ tall, Alex is a much larger man, standing approximately six feet tall. BTW, Khloe’s middle name is Alexandra.

Alex even appears in a Kris (then Kardashian) music video almost 30 years ago called
I Love My Friends:

Kris Kardashian video  (Check Alex Rodan at the 3:17 mark):

According to BlindGossip.com:
Kris is taking this another step forward. She wants to introduce Khloe’s real biological father as a plot point on a “very special episode” of one of the Kardashian shows. We’re going to spoil her surprise by introducing him here first. (FYI, Kris did tell Khloe who the man is already, so this is not coming a surprise for anyone in their family. Plus it’s all leaking out this week, despite Kris’ desire to keep it a secret until showtime to make the ratings as high as possible.)

Well everyone always said Khloe was different than the rest of the KK Krew....from her looks to her personality, Khloe's being the most likable of the bunch!  I do also applaud Rob, her father, because blood or not, he loved her and gave her his last name. 

Kris on the other hand... I will not comment....

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  1. wow! She really does have strong likeness to him. It's sad how parents take these things and sweep them under the rug when in the end, the child, no matter how old, is devastated when everything hits the fan. And for Khloe, being a public figure and having it all laid out before the world...man...I couldn't imagine the humiliation and devastation, and its of no fault of her own. Hope the world gives her a break on this one....