Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Khloe Kardashian and Alex Rodan - Father and Daughter Together At Last?

What a Twit: Kylie Jenner posted a picture of sister Khloe and who is believed to be their mother Kris's hairdresser Alex Roldan, joking it was Khloe's real father
Khloe with Alex Rodan, Kris Jenner's hairstylist for over 30 years, also believed to be Khloe's real dad!

Last month we posted the story of Khloe's "real father" Alex Rodan, who is Kris Jenner's hair stylist for the past 30 years.  

 Is This Man Khloe's Real Father? Resemblance Is Striking!!

Well the two have been recently photographed together ... and Khloe's lil sister Kylie shares with her followers on twitter!

Via the DailyMail:  She's only 14 years old - but clearly Kylie Jenner has already developed a somewhat caustic sense of humour.
The teen today posted a picture of her sister Khloe with who is believed to be their mother Kris Jenner's hairdresser, Alex Roldan, with the accompanying message: 'First official photo of my sister and her dad! Like father like daughter!'
It comes following hurtful allegations last month which Khloe strenuously denied that she was not a real Kardashian and was not fathered by Robert

At the time, Khloe branded the rumours as false and ludicrous after two of her father's former wives spoke out saying he had told them Khloe was not his.
Kylie's tweet provoked shock from her followers.
chrissynicole04xox responded to the tweet: '@kylieejennerr pleaseeee tell us if this is real or not. Haha our heads are about to explode.'
Daddy' girl: Khloe in an old family portrait with her late father Robert
Daddy' girl: Khloe in an old family portrait with her late father Robert

Another follower, britfroh, simply exclaimed: 'What!' while georginahallgate posted: 'What the f***!! I hope that isn't true!!'
A spokesman for Kylie told MailOnline the tweet was intended as 'joke'.

However given how upset Khloe was by the paternity reports last month, she may well not find it so amusing.
The 27-year-old reality star lashed out at her father Robert's ex-wfie Jan Ashley and widow Ellen, after they both verified Robert had told them he was not Khloe's father.
It came after her mother Kris admitted to being unfaithful during her marriage to Robert in her memoirs.
In the ensuing media storm, there were wild claims Khloe was fathered by Roldan - her mother's hairdresser - and former NFL star OJ Simpson's name was also touted.
Robert famously represented his friend Simpson in the infamous Nineties murder trial of the NFL star's wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her lover Ronald Goldman, in which he was eventually acquitted of the criminal charges.
Khloe's camp last month dismissed the paternity reports as 'false and laughable'.
Robert died aged 59 in 2003 after losing his battle to cancer.


  1. Khloe - You are beautiful no matter who your father is! xoxoxo

  2. Khloe you are very pretty. I think you are the nicest and my favourite Kardashian. I wish you a happy and healthy life.