Friday, March 23, 2012

Asia Monroe Wants La La to Know: I am not Carmelo's Only Mistress

Well, not really surprising....

La La Anthony, married to NY Nicks baller Carmelo Anthony, has her own reality show on VH-1
"La La's Full Court Life" which opened it second season this past Monday.  In that opening episode,   La La confronts Carmelo's attractive assistant Asani, asking her "Are you messing with my man?" Asani confirms that she and Melo's relationship is strictly a professional one, which put La La's fears to rest.

Now, Asia Monroe is coming foward claiming that she and Carmelo were having an affair, and she also wants La La to know that she is not the only "mistress".  The 19 year old also has text messages and emails between her and Carmelo to back up her claims. Here is one email below:

Here’s what Asia Monroe had to say:
“Ok Basically It all started in February where he followed me on twitter we began talking on there which lead me giving him my number and we started texting well he asked for my gmail account something about he didn’t want his wife finding out about me or what not…so I visited New York around march 1 where me met up and he took me to a place called Juniors Cheesecake in Brooklyn I had took a pic to show my twitter friends who I was having lunch with but he asked for me to delete it but I still kept it in my phone..

He emails me off and on and says he wants to be with me and all that crap and how him and his wife aren’t i do have my echofon for twitter DM’s”
Listen to Asia in an interview (courtesy of

This is really unfortunate, and I am curious to know how Carmelo plans to handle this?  After La La's sit down with Asani on Monday night's episode, we can already guess how she plans on handling this situation..."She will cut a Bish!" your back guurrrrl!

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