Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Usher and Tameka Raymond's Messy Court Proceedings

Usher and ex-wife Tameka Raymond are in court battling for custody of their two sons, as well as alimony and child support payments.


While most of the court proceedings are confidential, quite a bit of information has been leaked to the media. 

First, Usher claims that Tameka went through 11 nannies, all of which testified against her.  All of the nannies claimed Tameka was depressed most of the time and never came out of her bedroom, leaving her sons with the nanny all day.  One testified that she would only say "They're upstairs" referring the kids.  She never gave them instructions, and one of her sons had to tell the nanny about his peanut allergy because Tameka neglected to.

Another nanny claims that on a trip to Miami, she and one of the Raymond boys had to sit in the car while Tameka attended a basketball game, because there weren't enough tickets.  Then one nanny testified that Tameka left her with the kids saying she was going to the movies, but didn't come back home for three days.

Usher also got called to the carpet.  Usher was accused of sending the boys home after teaching them new curse words.  He was also accused of sleeping with two of the bridesmaids from his wedding with Tameka.

I need these two to grab reclining chairs and fall all the way back!  Grow up, for your kids sake. SMH.

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